When the woman is giving a man a blow job and he decides to urinate in her mouth in the process; she then takes the urine/semen mixture and spits it out onto the man's gen's (genitalia) to create a warm sensation for him; she then licks it back up into her mouth and, using her fingers and a funnel, drizzles it into the man's anus. It is called the K Town Triathlon because it originated in K Town, UT and has three main stages.
Last night, me and my woman decided to get really kinky and we tried out the warmly refreshing K Town Triathlon.
by Roni Rone 22 October 11, 2009
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When you jerk off, hit your vape, and yell at your mom to come to your room. The goal is to ejaculate and clear the smoke before your mom gets to the door.
"Yeah I totally lost the risky triathlon last night when my mom saw me nut all over my stomach."
by Borbenbashley November 5, 2020
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When you piss, shit, and puke all in the same trip to the bathroom.
Man that gas station sushi has me running a toilet triathlon last night.
by Bruhmaster42069 February 11, 2021
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a 3-part endorphin boosting activity which involves running, swimming and general merrymaking (see related: libations, burgers, karaoke, dance-offs).
'Dude, I did the Hippie Triathlon yesterday. My endorphins were buzzzzzzzzin'

Person 1: 'Did you hear about the Hippie Triathlon?'
Person 2: That Outdoor Voices event?

Person 1: Yea, it's, like, the chillest way to get your endorphin rush.
by Mcg_McG_McG_McG November 2, 2018
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Me: my girlfriend offered to do a triathlon tonight: me, her, and her twin that I never met before!
Friend: awesome dude, no worries her brother is such a nice guy!
by gcal September 10, 2018
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A sport where human failures compete.
If you are not good enough at running, cycling or swimming why not just put them together to make a sport for rejects.
Oh you like underaged children, then you mist be a triathlonist right?

My dad left me after coming out as a triathlonist!
by #CancelTriathlon May 22, 2021
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Passing a bong, joint and a cigarette between three people and each member smokes all the time. (3 sports like in a triathlon.)
by HaydeBuba June 19, 2022
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