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Short for Skiatook. A small town in northeast Oklahoma known for its gangsta lifestyle.
Life was hard growin' up on the mean streets of The Took.
by Big Deck January 16, 2011
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damn got took."
by herbie February 1, 2004
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The repeated sound the nova gas tactical grenade makes as it comes into contact with and injures an opposing player on Call of Duty: Black Ops.
Gas out!

took, tooktook, took, took, took

Assist +40
by poserboarder January 2, 2011
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(noun) a knit cap, a beanie
Hey, hoser, your took's crooked, eh?
by Billy MacCartney November 7, 2003
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to act foolishly, in a manner that one might think you are Crazy
I think that my Grandpa is Took!!
by NikkiN July 12, 2005
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Really smart, kind, handsome looking guy. His name is unique in its own way and not many people on the planet have it. He has some of the best looking hair in all of man kind and people really enjoy being around him. Including girls. He usually gets the ladies because of his caring heart, kind soul, looks, and the fact that he’s brave and willing to do whatever it takes to keep a relationship in place.
Have you ever met Tooke? You should. He’s really hot... -ladies
by Aight boutta head out October 8, 2019
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A word describing someone who is fat, arrogant and 1 sided. Is someone who can only see their point of view even if it is wrong.
Hitler is such a tooks
by Habibby August 30, 2006
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