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A ridiculous good heavy metal band formed in 2003 hailing from Austin Texas. They remind me of why I love metal in the first place. Their sound is a throwback to old school metal acts like Black Sabbath. While not the most technical band out there(there riffs kick ass though), but god damn are their songs catchy. Everyone of their songs are equally as amazing, and none of them feel like filler at all. Their lyrics mostly center on Norse and other mythological stories.

No overly wanky guitar solos, no constant double bass, no stupid cookie monster growling vocals. Just pure, raw, old-school heavy metal. The Sword is what metal is all about and are the best modern metal band within a decade.

Current albums:
Age of Winters - 2006
Gods of the Earth - 2008

All their songs are available on their myspace or youtube pages, so just type in The Sword to hear them all.(I'm not allowed to post links).

I will never forgive myself for missing them at the Metallica concert back in January
The Sword kicks your fucking ass.
by I hope Skrillex dies July 10, 2009
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A bitch who laughs like a donkey and her teeth resemble Georgie's raincoat. Sarah Mustafa an absolute bitch who goes to Farnsworth school in Illinois, She couldn't keep her mouth shut even if you bolted it. From her eyebrows to her forehead it should be an 80$ taxi ride and from one tooth to the other an additional 300$. She think's she dresses better than everyone else even though her clothes look like hand me down's that her brother couldn't fit anymore. She once lied to a girl that her parents were abusive to her and that her mother even hit her so many times she had to go to the hospital. The only thing she should go to the hospital for is forehead reduction surgery.
Oh my god, did you know that Sarah
Don't even say her name. It's like a curse.
Say The S Word instead
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by TheTeaSpiller August 09, 2018
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a lazy form for sorry ....
instead of just sayin sorry...
hey dude wats this obsession wid the s word...
luk buddy um completely against the s word.
by aks514 October 14, 2005
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