When you're the perfect amount of intoxicated by any substance or drug. Not too high/drunk, but not too sober either.
How was the party last night?
It was perfect, I stayed in the sweet spot all night.
by Maggyisswaggy March 1, 2020
1. noun The best place to wack a golf ball.

2. slang The spot on a girl's panties where here asshole was nestled against the soft cotton. Smells fruitier than the rest of the thong. The bridge smells sweaty.
Chris: Hey Alex, hows it hangin'?
Me: It's not hanging. I just finished smelling your little sis' panties. Now I'm ready for your mom.
by X-TremePussyFucker December 11, 2004
The period in FTM transition where you're taking the right dose of testosterone, but you're not off of hormone blockers yet.
Named so because, supposedly, your voice is just low enough that you can nail all three parts of the Erlking.

(Some trans men don't experience the Erlking sweet spot due to never being on hormone blockers.)
John: Are you still on hormone blockers?
Carlos: Yeah, I'm in the Erlking sweet spot right now.
John: Oh, you should sing the Erlking!
by homo homeboy March 16, 2021
This is the result of an activity that makes a person happy or puts them in the mood for love.
How do like warmin' up your sweet spot?

I love to have a glass of wine, a little jazz and cook a nice meal.
by sexbeyond40 May 21, 2014