Probably the worst group of people you’ll ever meet. From a range of old white men who decide womens rights and a women named Amy Coney Barrett who’s the definition of dog shit. I’ts filled with greedy conservatives who want to take peoples rights away.
What’s the biggest life scam ever??”
“The Supreme Court”
by snoopdoggsbigtoe July 4, 2022
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A regular court with extra chopped tomatoes and sour cream on top.
"I'd like a Supreme court and a large Mountiam Dew, please."
by spot December 1, 2004
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The highest court in a given judicial system in the United States of America. Each state has it's own supreme court, as does the federal government (seated by 8 associate justices and one chief justice). They can choose which cases they wish to accept, can over-turn or alter the ruling of any inferior court, and can, in some cases, create constitutional law. Their main purpose is to defend the Constitution (of either their state or the federal government) and to interpret it's meaning in their rulings.
The United States Supreme Court is often referred to as 'the high court.'
by Nicolai August 11, 2004
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A court that is used to undermine democracy by determining what a constitution means to citizens in the United States.
"A majority of people in Mississippi voted to legalize medical cannabis in the 2020 election, but the state Supreme Court declared the initiative unconstitutional."
by Fcking_Chuck June 27, 2022
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A drinking game Republicans play with their friends.
“Let’s play Supreme Court and get staggeringly drunk on power. It’s like Billions. Have you ever played with Billions? “
by SourceDirect October 7, 2018
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A court of old men who believe that they are allowed to control other peoples bodies because they all lived through WWI. These ancient freaks may not look like much, but be careful not to upset them they might just take your rights away just cause they can. And be careful not to kill a bug near them, it’s murder, because they are, in fact, cells.
Woman: I need to get an abortion please, I was SAed
Doctor: yeah ummmm nah, we can’t do that, if you want to you can go to jail for 15 years for it!
Woman: but my abuser will only be in prison for 5, how is that fair
Doctor: because you’ll be killing a non-breathing and non-functioning (on its own) clump of cells… duh
Woman: *Flabbergasted* but…

Doctor: do I need to call the police

Supreme Court: if you’re old enough to bleed, old enough to breed. You may be 16 but that sucks we guess but your fault for wearing that skirt.
by Katigram June 29, 2022
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