shorthand for a Zerg Sunken Colony structure in the PC game, StarCraft.

they shoot out tentacles from underground and impale opposing ground forces.
I tried to rush the Zerg with my lings, but the sunken raped them.
by K Pittman September 3, 2005
To be intoxicated.
"Dude, no way he's getting home sunk like that."
by Kris June 25, 2004
To put your finger inside a girls vagina past the knuckle, the act of fingering a girl
ah you know tanya from the club? i gave her a sunken knuckle
by callowjohnny May 8, 2010
When one is in a perpetual place of slumber, regarding systematic and idiosyncratic injustice and oppression in regards to race, i.e. the antithesis of being woke. Especially when a person of color can't or refuses to see it.
Tod: Morgan Freeman told Don Lemon that black folks should pull themselves up from their bootstraps, even when they ain't got no boots.

Marcus: You know Morgan has been in the sunken place.
by Raheem Sonje July 18, 2017
The metaphorical place an oppressed person goes when they have become silent or compliant to their own oppression. More often, the sunken place is used to describe a disadvantaged person who is ignorant or unwilling to see that they have been conditioned into acquiescence. However, the sunken place can apply to anyone who chooses to stay silent in the face of discrimination or injustice, usually of their own.

First popularized by Jordan Peele's "Get Out," the main character, Chris, a black man, falls into a cognitive void after his white girlfriend's mother, Missy sends him there with covert hypnosis. When Missy instructs him to "sink into the floor" Chris becomes paralyzed, and plunges into a dark void, watching the world get smaller in the distance. The audience is made aware that Chris is not literally falling, but in a tranced state of mind. Throughout the film, Chris is sent to the sunken place as a way for his girlfriend's white family to take advantage of him without his protest, as they had done with many black people before him.

In the words of Peele it is: “the system that silences the voice of women, minorities, and of other people … the sunken place is the President who calls athletes sons of bitches for expressing their beliefs on the field... Every day there is proof that we are in the sunken place." In a statement made on twitter, Peele explained, "the Sunken Place means we're marginalized. No matter how hard we scream, the system silences us."
Janice: Why did Trump get votes from women if he had such a long history of being sexist?
Darryl: They're all in the sunken place. Thats why.
by serenajoy May 12, 2018
a region of San Pedro where a landslide demolished a road and created jagged jolts overlooking the ocean
I nearly broke my damn neck jumping off of a rock at Sunken City.
by Matt Wirth December 10, 2003
Sunken Cheeks are typically attributes that tweekers and crack heads are found with however they are more predominant with tweekers. Tell tale signs of sunken cheeks will be a strong jaw line along with protruding eye sockets and a prominent forehead. Occasionally tweekers that have been on a run or binge will start to show the outline of their teeth through their sickly, sunken cheeks.
Hey man that chick looks like a cadaver; Im not even sure if she is alive. Should we call for help? Nah man, shes just got a chronic case of sunken cheeks from a long hard run on meth. Let her be. If you call for help it might screw up her binge.
by tweekerbilly June 21, 2011