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The Sunday effect means many things. It can mean general "blues" before going to work the next day, longing for another chance at the weekend, re-living/analyzing events of the weekend whether they be good or bad, or just letting the day go by not doing a single thing because of the above factors. You are feeling the symptoms of the Sunday effect if:
1)You spend the whole day asking your friends what they did on the weekend and comparing their stories to yours

2)You talk to people you wouldn't normally talk to on msn.

3)You keep telling yourself you have to get to your homework but never do because your mentally paralyzed and focused on comparing weekends with your friends

4)You constantly re-live the highlights of your weekend, pushing you further into Sunday depression because you long for more good things that can only happen on weekends. Also its very common to re-live good events of the weekend and think of ways you could have made those things better. The more things you think up that you could have done, the worse you'll feel.

5)You constantly re-live BAD parts of your weekend because you feel like what you did wasn't enough or want another chance at fixing the bad aftermath of whatever happened
For example if you fight someone on the weekend you'll constantly re-live the fight, thinking of ways you could have avoided it or ways you could have fought better.

Sundays are particularly bad if you don't have anything to look forward to the next weekend OR if you have things you AREN'T looking forward to during the week.

Basically the sunday effect is the general depression after the events of a weekend (whether it be a good or bad weekend) that causes your sunday to pass you by. It's like your memory isn't writing anything down.
There isn't any way to really get rid of the effect, all you can do is let the sunday go by OR actually get to your homework filling you up with self esteem.
Checking facebook constantly, staying on msn for hours asking people you never talk to what they did on the weekend, and sitting on your ass for hours at a time are common symptoms of the Sunday effect.

by dickmouth243253 April 13, 2009
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the the the duh effect on sunday knowing that the next day you have to go to school, possibly the worst feeling in the world knowing that the next day starts the long sleepless week at school. The effect can often start on a saturday night and ends abruptly monday morning when you know there is no turning back.....
person 1: hey dakota whats the matter?

person 2: dammit james, its saturday night and i just had the best time drinking tonight and i cant stand to think that tomorrow is my last day to sober up before i have to go back to school

person 1: my friend, it seems you are suffering the sunday effect

person 3: lets just go play some guitar hero

person 4: fuck you alessandro
by James TH April 17, 2007
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