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A game show that was popular around the late 70's. Its hosts, Sero, Venna, and Brooke were always dressed in very formal clothes although the game proved to be quite messy at times.
The object of the show was to complete tasks before the other team did. One of the tasks, usually the last one, was to build a sundae using the following ingredients;
vanilla ice cream
strawberry ice cream
chocolate ice cream
a banana
and additional fruit if requested.

The hosts acted as judges and for this particular task, they did not only look at how fast it was done, but how beautiful it was, and if they included all of the necessary ingredients.
The tasks often changed, from racing to baking a pie. But the sundae building, the most important task, was never moved, hance the name. The winning teams' prizes were usually money and ice cream.
Unfortunately, the show was cancelled when the cost of all the ice cream went up.

So remember kids, eat ice cream, have fun, and don't be suicidal.
Person 1:The Sundae Club was my favorite show back then, man!
Person 2:The what..?
Person 1: You've never heard of TSC?? -immediately starts bashing over the head with ice cream dish-
by Venna February 01, 2007
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