/Max/./E/./Mum/ /Su/./kuj/ adj. 1. The worst possible state of affairs when things suck so badly that they can't POSSIBLY get any worse.
Maximum Suckage is when you just lost your job to the Pakistani guy whom you tutored in English, you come home to find your best friend since childhood boinking your wife/highschool sweet heart, you run outside to see a thief driving off in your car, your cell phone rings and you find out that that you're being audited by the IRS. It rings again and your doctor tells you that you have a terminal illness, the FAA calls to tell you that your parents were just in a plane crash. You die and God himself tells you you're going to hell and when you get to hell...Satan snubs you.
by Soulsurvivor_2001 March 8, 2006
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Trash, noise, pollution, and antisocial behavior are examples of butt suckage. The subjective experience of aversion to the environment, e.g., anxiety, nausea, anger and depression.
by hwcdesign March 3, 2010
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When she give you that Super Duper Sucker Premium Deluxe Hurricane Vaccuum Seal Gawk Gawk Double Double Hand Twist 3000: Black Hole Edition; In other words, top notch immaculate head.
*texting friend while getting top*
Guy: This fine ass female givin' me head.
Friend: Bro for real? Is it good?
by Bacon1323 February 15, 2021
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Something Cole Landini says to his friends when they mess up.
Coles friend: sorry I missed that save, Cole: Imagine suckage
by Imagine suckage December 22, 2020
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When somebody sucks at something really bad, and still trys to look good. Usally only yelled at imcompatant arse-holes, with a stick up there ass.
by Koker April 6, 2005
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The look in your partner's eyes when you try a swing out and it sucks.
Leslie and Evadne gave me that swing out suckage look again.
by Islanddogg January 23, 2008
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