1. Sexual technique given to females by their partner to obtain pleasure.
2. The stunner requires long, powerful middle and index fingers, and a senior class ring
3. Origins are unknown, but results are worthwhile
"We were sitting in his backseat and he gave me the stunner."
by Jessica January 23, 2004
A sexual act used on women with the use of one hand whereby the index and middle fingers are inserted into the vagina and the little finger is inserted into the Anus
Joey was fingering my pussy and slipped his pinky up my ass, he stunned me into an orgasm, he later told me that it was called The Stunner, well he can stun me any time.
by Silent1 May 2, 2008
To ejaculate into her eye or eyes.
To shoot a load into her eye.
I finished with 'The Stunner' and it brought tears to her eyes.
She likes it when i finish with 'The Stunner'.

by Alan Frey June 20, 2006
noun A person of either gender who is beautiful in every way, especially their sense of humour and behaviour/ generosity to others as well as aesthetically, often (but not exclusively) with great legs. Originally derived from adjective 'stunning' referring to physical beauty, but wider usages expressing socio-political, comedic or moral approval have developed recently.
1. Omg! Meera is such a stunner, i love everything about her!
2. Did you watch Made in Chelsea last night? Francis was on incredible form with his lines about Jesus, what a stunner!
by theofox2011 July 23, 2012
Stunningly beautiful.
Have you seen this girl last night? Gosh, she was a stunner.
by fogey February 16, 2005
Saying someone looks stunningly beautiful.
Jack: Oh my god, did you see Amy at the party yesterday? She looked stunnering!

Brendon:Tell me about it. Wish my girlfriend was as stunnering as her.
by Hannah May December 20, 2009
Sunglasses, big round trucker one's, sometimes called aviators.
"Got my white tee and my stunners on..."
by Will Bronsky February 4, 2006