something you need to stop sending to a lot of people and not answering them so you can have more snaps and leave everybody on delivered😭.
“Omg why do you have so many snaps.” “Oh I just send a lot of streaks and not opening them.”
by phatpu$$y38 July 26, 2020
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to run around naked. thats it.

but sometimes you leave your clothes with the wrong friend and he hides them under your halloween decorations so your other friends have to run in the house naked, even though your brother might be sitting in the kitchen to see it.
dude, fucking canan stole our clothes, while we were streaking
by Brookealynnn October 19, 2008
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Someone in there underwear or completely naked running around in public shoes socks or hats are optional
Boy went streaking in the street
by asskickasss January 28, 2014
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Person who bets on something and when loses ends up running around a house naked
Dude, you just pulled a Streaks! Mad girls are now gonna see you small weewee
by alev February 15, 2007
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Short for mean streak, solid paint stick that looks like chalk and is used on dark surfaces.
by VAKI5 August 17, 2003
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Some guy, often a male, who is butt-naked and is barely caught running through various places.
"Oh yes they call him the streak!"
by Dave January 15, 2004
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A name you call your mate who openly enjoys taking a dump in a toilet, leaving streak marks around the bowl, and is against using the toilet brush to clean it up.
"Seriously, Streaks, you have to start brushing afterwards"

"There's no toilet brush in here, Streaks would have a field day"
by WDaddy October 13, 2011
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