The act of stripping down butt-naked and running across/in an area of some sort. Usually for the purpose of creating a ruckus and/or suiting the need to show no-no parts.

by octopus. quite August 10, 2012
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something on snapchat that is a major waste of time, like no one gives a shit about people sending selfies with the fucking dog face fitter to you everyday. so fuck snapchat and this
"my 13 year old sister says streaks are fun, but to me they're a WASTE of time"

"why are streaks even a thing"
"i think streaks as well as constant news updates about cringy youtubers such as jake paul are the main reasons of why i deleted my snapchat account"
by feckxlyfe November 14, 2018
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1.) the act of removing ones clothes, and running about in the buff, usually near a group of people, but only be seen momentarily, makes people go "wtf?"

2.) What ur shat does when it's too chunky to flush down the toilet.
1.) Hey everybody we're goin streaking!! Come on soup-a-loup bring your green hat!!!

2.) Yeah I took this mondo lincon-log poo earlier today, it left streaks.
by Karu October 03, 2004
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Solified paint marker. Permanent and writes on most surfaces. Taggers commonly use them. Looks like chalk when dried.
by C'WARE from G.Y.C October 11, 2003
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The art of one stripping down to his nasty white naked skin and running around like a moron until he feels the need to jack off. ( the state of North's LEGAL to show you BUTT in public)
Dude...yes it's legal to show your butt...but you gotta whip out the big kahuna taht God gave us....heck take it all off.......LETS GO STREAKIN IN THE PARK!!!
by bob December 06, 2004
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The public display of ones self, similar to "mooning" although showing your meat and your butt
Lets go streaking!
by a May 06, 2003
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something you need to stop sending to a lot of people and not answering them so you can have more snaps and leave everybody on delivered😭.
“Omg why do you have so many snaps.” “Oh I just send a lot of streaks and not opening them.”
by phatpu$$y38 July 26, 2020
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