When one makes demise upset, they will be getting the sticky and wet.
by SirPrizeNut October 2, 2020
Sticky pie: a game where a group of women (at least 2) stand in a circle around a gusher placed on the floor in the middle. They then have a race to see who can cum on the gusher the fastest. The last person to cum on the gusher must eat it. Works best when participants are drunk and hungry
omg, sis, we played sticky pie last night and I won! I feel bad for Suzan, though. She lost. I think he's in therapy right now.
by 666yourmum January 24, 2019
An Israeli slang concerning the act of shoving a hot pretzel up an Americans left nostril.
"Hey Yisra'el, do you want to sticky pretzel that Jerry over there?"
"sure thing lets go"
by extracrispytea November 11, 2019
Getting admitted into a hospital due to mental health issues, referencing to the cool new socks you get sent home with.
I’m scared to tell my therapist that I want to commit unalive because I don’t want to get sticky socked.
by tinylake June 15, 2021
A word used for masturbation.

Example "I had a sticky Stuart over some girl last night"
"I had a sticky Stuart over some girl last night"
by Stickystuart11 October 18, 2017
When you walk around with a sticky tip in the hood.
Yo, you think Dakeshawn is moving sticky?
by xo.vevo September 29, 2022