when two wheelie bois dock (sticking ones dick into the others) with one another .
bully: ur mum gay
you: ur stephen hawking docking
bully: *bully's dick instantly blows up*
by wheelie boi March 27, 2018
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A sarcastic phrase that originated in a Steam review for Call of Duty Black Ops 3, when a game loads so slowly to the point where you assume someone who can't even run (Stephen Hawking) is faster than the loading time of the game.
John waited for his new game to load, and the game's loading time said it would finish in 3 days.
John: (Writing a negative review) Stephen Hawking runs better than this game.
by GunnyMan4 September 14, 2016
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A sexual act where you role play as someone in a wheelchair. You then peg someone from the chair and whilst doing that, you pop a wheelie.
“She Stephen Hawking’d me so good last night
by PseudonymsAreForNerds February 25, 2020
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