When a male holds his fist in a stationary posistion on a waist high table and inserts his penis into the gap of the fist, thus leading him to feel like he is having authentic sexual intercorse.
"I walked in on steve, while he was performing the stationary on himself, And he ejaculated all over my desk."
by Curt & Jeff March 25, 2005
stationary is a set of equipment needed in schools and offices.
an eraser is an item of stationary, and so are pens and pencils.
by stacie October 22, 2003
According to Arash at MIT it is the same sexual position as missionary.
- What is your favorite position?

- Just the regular stationary.
by saminmit April 10, 2011
not moving
Guy 1: I told my sister that I lift weights and she won't believe me! I told her that I could carry the football field and she's coming around later to see!

Guy 2: Are you crazy? The football field's stationary! And anyway, it's too damn heavy for you to carry!
by XXHolic October 23, 2010
typical white girl: “oh em gee this stationary is so cute!! #studyhard #tumblr”
people with iq over 2: “stationery*”
by pxssywillow February 10, 2018
A band of three boys named Dominic, Dan, and Tom. Tom plays the drums and is 13 years old. Dan plays the guitar and is Tom's twin brother. Dominic plays the bass and has black hair. They all go to Aberaeron comprehensive school in South Wales. Their style is rock.
Hey, Stationary is going to jam tomorrow. We should go watch!
by KansasGinger309 September 22, 2009
A restaurant where no one gets fed and the employee turnover is higher than anywhere else. Instead of A Moveable Feast Natural Cafe' and health store.
Stationary starvation is the worst restaurant I have ever been to. Service is so bad.
by PWS27 April 9, 2017