The StANdard:

A term used for San(from Ateez) a name given by his father, meaning "a comforting hill for some and an enormous mountain that others can't dare to challenge". Excels in dance performance, stage presence, vocals, and visuals. Speaks 3 languages, encourages others and is always there if you feel down.
by Apple cinnamon pie June 20, 2020
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a word to describe something which goes without saying.
"whas gwanin, u cotchin at leons tonight?"

"course, u bringin some herb?"

by roxxor February 19, 2004
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A term used to describe something that is so ordinary and expected to be like that, no one should expect otherwise.
Taz: I may be about 3 hours late to our 1 hour date.... So I may not actually make it at all.

Me: standard
by Ziceless October 14, 2016
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assumed. part of the natural way of things. the way things have always been.
rob: did you bring a girl back to your room last night?

me: yeah, dawg.

rob: did you get her in bed?

me: standard
by mark April 29, 2003
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a word that is used in many parts of the UK specifically manchester, it is used usually as a response to something good, or used like the word 'fit' to describe an attractive person, also it can be used to describe something good like a football match score or computer game
john: 'hey look at her'
james' standard !!!'


jason ' omfg we won the game'
aja ' standard mate'
by fuckinstandard June 06, 2011
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1) An illusion(s) or a figment of the imagination created in order to prevent you from getting laid.

2) A shallow state of mind that could result in not getting laid and or a cock block of ones bro(s). This is state of mind that should be ignored and disregarded at all cost.
Dan: "I don't know if I can fuck her she's pretty ugly"
Steve: "Oh Dan you're not gonna score with standards, so what if she's bigger than a bus."
by TheGlueGunner June 13, 2011
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a word to describe something which goes without saying
by Edstandard September 03, 2011
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