A magnetic gathering place for low socio-economic people found in Warragul, Victoria, Australia.
Man! I got so trashed last night I ended up at the Sporty! That place is a magnet.
by simmat July 3, 2009
Wearing causal in a very cool and yet stylish fashion way!
Look at Hannah, She's always sporty specially with her new shorts!
by Bryx September 19, 2016
when things are getting tense between individuals

escalateing tense uncomfortable
by DESTRUCTA-X October 26, 2017
someone whos a jock or really into sports,is always on sports teams in school,and watches sports all the time..was used alot in the 80s
"jesus,everything that guys wearing has a team name on it..what a fuckin sportie"
by BobOfDeath December 2, 2009
The condition of the Seas whereas it is rough and navigation is possible, usually results in vessels occupants becoming drenched and possible seasick
Went out fishing today and the Seas were sporty, my gf chummed all day
by sycraft July 11, 2008
Slang motorcycle enthusiasts use to describe a Harley Davidson Sportster motorcycle.
"Give me a oil filter for my '99 Sporty"
by Lutefiskhater October 22, 2008