An Irish red-haired person who slacks at everything they do. They are failures and have an annoying laugh. They are extremely aggresive and violent so stay away from them. They are creepers.
Glenn Taylor beat up a hippie going to work and got fired and The Spleen died
by Peyton Manning March 5, 2009
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A cat on every drug and has every Disease and slave to graystillplays
Who’s a good kitty spleens
(Demonic Noises)
by Spleens March 28, 2020
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The internal organ that is invariably complained about when someone is comedically getting the shit beat out of them.
"Oh God, my spleen! It hurts! It hurts!"

"My spleen has ruptured!"
by Morathor March 30, 2004
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An internal organ of the human body on the left side.
It's job is to destroy old red blood cells.
My spleen is destroying all those old red blood cells, RIGHT NOW.
by elissanozit April 23, 2009
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That point when you're so tired that everything is hilarious.
I was spleening last night! I couldn't stop laughing about the way she pronounced basket.
by lsteve April 16, 2011
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an internal organ most widely known for "cleaning shit and stuff".
"Every kitty needs their spleen."
by LovesSomeKitty April 30, 2009
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1)When one has nothing to say except complain about something - the spleen.
2)When something hurts.
3)A word that can be used when referring to almost anythung. Like that of meh.
1)*groan* spleen!
2)My spleen hurts, well something hurts, must be my spleen.
3)person1: whats her name again?
person2: ah, spleen!
by G-UNIT March 16, 2005
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