When a man is about to orgasm, he shouts at the top of his lungs "AWOOOOO" and proceeds to jump into a pool as he climaxes
Christy: How was your date last night?
Amanda: Amazing! He did the sperm whale so we didn't have to clean up!
by Brwig October 1, 2019
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Sperm whales can grow to 52ft long and up to 77,000lb - 130,000lb. The reason they can become so big is because they live for a long time, 60 to 70 years to be exact. They have one of the largest global distributions for any whale in the world. They can range from the equator to the Arctic and Antarctic oceans. The sperm whales prefer to live in deep water. Because of being a toothed whale, they do not eat krill like all whales with baleen. Instead they eat sharks, squid, skates, and deep water fish. The whales are endangered because of whaling and other deep sea fishing. It is important to help save these amazing and magnificent creatures.
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v. The act of recieving head and at the point of ejaculation you pull out and jam the head of your penis in/around the womans ...or mans... nose (as if trying to harpoon them). Causing the reciever to shreek with suprise usually sounding similar to a whale.
-"Oh man, did you see me sperm whaling that chick at the party last night?"
-"You were drunk and crying in the corner the whole time..."

-"You should have heard this hoe when i sperm whaled her last night. She was all like ....Murahrwarahkdfdlkaaaanehh.
by Mantastic! December 5, 2009
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1. A large women who likes to be ejaculated on.
2. A large whale who likes to be ejaculated on.
Pete: Why did you go home with that large women?
Mully: Dude, she is a sperm whale.
Pete: Oh. Then kudos to you.
by Bernard Bangwanger September 24, 2011
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A whale who recently had sex and is currently completely filled with sperm from the other whale.
Look mommy, there's a sperm whale over there.
by Soptactic January 24, 2015
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A fat slut, somone with a loose snatch! see also; Sperm bank
that gemma has slept had more prick then an antique dart board! shes a proper sperm whale!
by BrettR October 2, 2005
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A large female who hangs out at bars and night clubs looking to take a drunk male home and get inseminated.
Joe went home with sally that sperm whale last night shes a real whore, she definitely was trying to get knocked up so he would be stuck with her for good.
by biggirl823 March 6, 2011
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