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P. Noun. The Speedy Tenor is one of the three god-like tenors that grace the world today. He possesses not only the ability of super speed, travling at speeds over that of the speed of light, but moving so quickly that a "clone" effect is produced, allowing him to accomplish multiple tasks at near instanteneous speeds. Also, this member of The Three Tenors is also known for displaying unusual heel clicking and falsetto skills. Although it goes without mention, The Speedy Tenor is almost too attractive, as most Tenors are.
"The Speedy Tenor, one of The Three Tenors, darted from place to place so quickly that the infrared waves given off from his body could only be seen after he had passed."
by The Legendary Tenor August 10, 2003
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Some little mexican-mouse-wanna-be. In a group called the Three Tenors, The Speedy Tenor wears the knee-pads.
The Speedy Tenor bobbed the knob all night long.
by alex November 16, 2003
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