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When a girl is sucking your dick on her knees you jizz on the palm of your hand, then you rub your hands together and smack her with both jizz-filled hands at the same time to spread cum all over her face.
After I gave the girl the smore she had no idea what was going on.
by JoeVirus November 15, 2006
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This is sexual activity in which it is both pleasurable and fulfilling for both the female and male counterparts. After the male cums into the vagina, the female poos and closes her legs and stands up. This causes the semen to fall out of the vagina mixing with the trapped poo resulting in a s'more.
One day, Mike was sharing with his best friend, Ben, about his sexual activities from the night before.

Mike: "Yeah, I totally did the s'more last night with my hoe."
Ben: "Dude, we're beefin'."
by tyrawannabe69 April 21, 2009
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When a guy has sex in a girl in her ass, then with her pussy and cums in it, then squishes it together and licks it
A guy named ed has sex with sarah in her poopy asshole, then puts his poopy dick in her vagina and cums, then proceeds to squish her legs together and lick the s'more
by Jake Lucas September 08, 2007
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