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So this is the act of when your extremely sexually frustrated and solution is to walk into a room of people and whip your dick out and then reenactment that scene from Star Wars with anakin and all the kids.
The teacher walked into the room and pulled the skywalker
by GamingKing November 25, 2020
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A Skywalker is someone that is brave but can be afraid at times but they never lose hope in what they believe in. Skywalkers are courageous, strong, handsome/beautiful, awesome, amazing, loving etc.
Firefighter saves someone from a building

Woman: WOW! That man is a skywalker!

Youngling 1: When I'm older, I wanna be just like a skywalker!
by pussyeater312 June 2, 2020
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(v) an emotional refusal to accept the revelation of an inconvenient or uncomfortable truth, such as realizing one of your fundamental beliefs or arguments is incorrect, or discovering that the Dark Lord of the Sith is your father.
Luke...I am your father.
No...NO...that's not true!! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!
Now you're just skywalkering.
by hiyeebubbaleigh June 10, 2011
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One has had a missle exolode deep inside their death star
I Skywalkered you mother last night.
by BigVern October 24, 2012
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L.B. Rayne's lost love ballad from 1980, written and intended for the soundtrack of "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back" is entitled "Skywalking".

The term "Skywalking" is a code/ innuendo for having sexual intercourse.
James: Bro, I was with Alyssa last night!

Steve: Details bro, details!

James: We hit the movies and afterwards when I was taking her home she started taking it like a champ. It felt great.

Steve: Damn, did you guys start Skywalking?

James: Na dude. We got spooked by a car passing by.

Steve: Damn. Better luck next time bro.
by Negro_Amigo February 4, 2010
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The act of climbing high stuctures (e.g. cranes, bridges, statues, buildings, ...), usually without safety equipment.
Did you see that crazy Russian skywalking video?
by metabun March 24, 2014
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