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Firstly the Irish midlands are notorious for their their poor music quaility (Joe Dolan,Simon Casey etc.).Fortunately 'The Skits' are here to save the midland from cheesy pop and mutant vegtetables!
The Band is already supported by the Fabulous Arthur,Kyle,Mark,Rory and Stephen.But for someone to be defined as 'The Skits'.hey MUST:
1:Love Interpol.
2:Have their hair moosed to their left.
3:Have super stylish white shoes.
4:Have a proper MAN's jacket (or a pink anorak).
5:And must be in a group of five with each member copying each others styles as shown above.
In a nutshell,how good of a band are they??
If 'The Skits' were Jack Bauer,the show would of been of been called '6'
Chuck Norris asked if he could play his beard for 'The Skits'.
But he was rejected as 'The Skits' told him that he wasn't masculine enough for 'The Skits'.
by Karol DD August 23, 2007
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An extremely violent bout of diarrhoea, a near death experience while shat on the bowl.
I've an awful dose of the skits!! Fuck lad I'm about to turn inside out!!
by Gully December 08, 2016
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