The greatest team in the NBA right now. The team that as I recall beat my corny ass team, The Mavericks. Also, the team with Allen Irverson, the guy whose dick I like to suck on so much until my mouth turns white.
Helwo. My wame is wonderboy warvel and i wuv the wixers. I am the wastardized wersion of Wayne Brady and i like to write wies on WurbanWictionary.wom cause i wam a Wracker. (See "Wracker")
by *Wonderboy Marvel* July 25, 2003
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To start the morning off right, I downed a sixer.
by nick April 11, 2003
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a sixer or a 6er. A six pack of beer
I was in that liquor store and i bought a sixer of bud light.
by Stupid Dude May 7, 2007
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A name often given to fans of the British rock band, You Me At Six.
Will often use jokes using words such as "vibes", "nando's" and "mediafire".
Sixer: Hey Josh, we all downloaded Sinners Never Sleep on Mediafire.
by ThisFaithIsLost January 24, 2012
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6 containers of the Lords good brew
6 cans/bottles full of good times
The perfect companion on a short/long journey
Hey Willis says he's got a sixer and a turkey in the oven.
by die-nough-soar June 27, 2003
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A stalker. Someone who follows you.
Man, I went out with that chick, and now she's being a sixer.
by Jeepstin January 5, 2013
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