First apply a small amount of hot sauce on your penis, then let the girl give you a blow job, this will cause her nose to run, wipe the snot off her nose and use it for lubrication to have anal sex, after having anal sex get on top of her and titty fuck her while she licks your butthole, while this is goin on you fart in her mouth, she will a puzzeled look on her face but waste no time and turn around and cum in here mouth, don't let her swallow it immediately, then take your penis and shove the cum down her thoart, while you are doing this you piss down her thoart forcing piss/cum down her thoart, while she's forcing this down you shit in your hand and throw it in her face, you then pull a Tony Danza and ask her whos the boss she will probably say "you are" you then punch in the nose and say "No Tony Danza is the boss bitch" you then throw shit in her face again and ask her once again who the boss is she will then reply "Tony Danza" you punch her in the nose again and say "why are you thinking about Tony Danza while we are having kinky sex."
Requirements for The Silencer: You must have at least a 10 inch penis, no sexual activity for at least a week before preforming this and only anal sex with no store bought lubricants and you have to be pretty messed up in the head or just really kinky....Warning make sure women is willing participant and beware of her trying to bite your penis!!!!
by The ones and only October 4, 2008
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The Silence was a... wait, why was I typing this again?
Whats "The Silence"?
by GurrenUnplug June 19, 2013
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It tells the truth. That's why people hate it so much; because by having no other distraction you have to face the facts. The thoughts you always want to avoid are heard in the silence.
by causeidontsayfck March 17, 2009
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The only thing that can be destroyed by saying its name.

“I’m going to go sit in the silence and ponder.”
by Horsesandorcasforever October 7, 2018
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The thing that you strive to get away from. You fill you’re head with pointless nothings just to get away from this void of nothingness. Silence is the thing that reveals your secrets you hide from even yourself. Silence doesn’t let u hide from ur insecurities and depression that consumes all things.
Silence if fuckin gay dude
by Implanter November 9, 2018
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A silencer is a make-shift product to allow quiet, shameless defecations in public toilets.

A silencer is when a person bunches up a bit of toilet paper, and quickly places it in the water retaining part of the toilet bowl.

Thus, was a foreign object (fecial matter) drops into the toilet, there is no splash, and therefore no noise is created, allowing the person to walk confidently out without being given terrible terrible looks.

One downside to this is that it does not protect the person from their own gaseous discharge before the act of defecation.
Guy 1 - "Oh gosh, oh golly, I gonna crap myself,......, but I cant let anyone know im doing it, because,......., Ive been eating nothing but Indian curries and beans!, ......, oh god, its crowning!!!!!!!"

Guy 2 - "Hey buster, dont worry, use a silencer, its fine man, honestly, in Silencer we trust"

Guy 1 - "Than........ (fart)...... i gotta g-....... whoa nelly!"
by Caffo November 9, 2009
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The only true method of determining the level of a relationship. A silence in new relationship, where two people are just getting to know each other, is awkward. The less you know the other person, trust them, love them, the more awkward the silence is. Vice versa, a comfortable silence will only happen once two people know each other, they can just sit quietly without the pressing urge to break it. Then the intimate silence; a silence that seems intentional, timed and rehearsed to a third party but is completely impromptu. This silence only happens when two people can simply loose themselves looking at each other. It can only be properly broken with a kiss or a “I love you.”
Phil: ...
Cass: ...
Phil: ...
Cass: So?
Phil: Yeah...
Mike: How are things with Mel?
John: Going well, we had a comfortable silence yesterday, always a good sign.
Elly: That was it?
Luke: Yep, that was it.
Elly: ...
Luke: ...
(30 seconds to 5 minutes later)
Luke: ...
Elly: ...
Luke: I love you.
by Imperion September 12, 2005
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