To download software without obtaining a license through financial transaction.
It wasn't able to purchase that application in my region so I had to sail the seven seas.
by Lollinhard December 23, 2011
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seven seas of rhye is a great, kinda underrated song by the band queen. l i s t e n t o i t
wow seven seas of rhye is such a good song
by freddie39mercury April 17, 2020
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When a person can say that they have had sex with men or women of many different ethnicities, races & origins.
Jim, a businessman for a major corporation, has really sailed the seven seas on his many different business trips across the globe.
by Tex-Mex Shawn C. November 23, 2010
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a piratified vertion of "what the fuck" a.k.a. WTF!!!
what on the seven seas was that noise!!! me hartie !!! yarrrrr!!!!
by RANDOM-ZERO + mullet August 26, 2005
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this title is the highest military ranking in the Somali navy, the medalijon is said to have been stolen form an German Nazi officer.

The one that bear this has control of all the seven seas.
First guy: Hey did you have sex with The Nigger king on the seven seas
second guy: i dont speak shit
by NoggerKing August 23, 2018
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A female who appears to have sucked so much semen over the years that she has become pale and skinny almost albino like and has traveled the world extensivley seeking out other victims,like a vampire she waits in the darkness of the sea A.K.A the world for to suck every man dry!!!
(CHRIS): Shit Todd you don't look so good.

(TODD): Yeah man I know I met this slut last night and I took her $2 ass home and she completly sucked the life force out of me. I think she was a semen suckin sea serpent of the seven seas!!!!
by squirtdonkeys June 23, 2007
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