The span and spread of red and blue police lights as they cover nearly everything in their vicinity.
"I'm caught in the sea right now bro! Theres 5-0 in every direction I look! If I move at all I'll go to jail!"
by MAXX_ATTAXX_101 June 24, 2017
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A big blue wobbly thing that mermaids live in.
by blii February 20, 2003
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MapleSEA is the Southeast Asian version of the massively multiplayer online game, Maple Story
by hi-hat July 10, 2010
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SEA its "Stop Ez'ing Around"
use it when u want that some1 stop playin noob or bad away u say SEA
person1:wow u suk
person2:ok i will stop fooling around
by MrGod May 31, 2008
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“I hate you Arthur! *dumps tea in sea*”
by RandomHetalian55 March 17, 2020
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Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
i took a flight from MCO to SEA.
by KRHimself September 12, 2004
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noun: an entire season of a television show, for short

verb: to uncontrollably watch an entire season of a television show in an unreasonably short amount of time
Dude I just watched all of gossip girl seas one.

I was seasing so hard over winter break, I watched all of Buffy
by 2seas January 21, 2012
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