The act of posing for an amazing candid photo by coughing. Used extensively by the brothers of Alpha Phi Omega Pi Eta chapter.
"How do you get all your photos to look so cute?"

"Oh I do The Sarah!"
by candidqueen September 24, 2019
A very beautiful person, radiates laughter and joy when with her, makes you want to be close to her, has a bubbly personality, makes you want to never loose her, can relate to on many levels, and one of the only real people in the world meaning she’s a rare card.

Can give anything a chance and wouldn’t judge you because she understands you, she is very into the meme culture, will make you laugh even if what she says or sends isn’t funny because of her laugh and her personality, a very relatable person, very complex but yet simple on the outside, will give you her heart which is the most fragile thing yet sturdy thing of hers and if you deal harm to it you will be shamed by everyone including your friends. Sarah has a little button nose and has a very complex hair color which include light brown with red undertones, has a very beautiful voice in general, looks good in cowboy clothes, is a cowgirl and owns horses her self.

Sarah is one of a kind, a legendary, a dream, sought out by many guys and yet played by those who do. Sarah wants to love you, make you happy, and drop all of her untouched love on to you. One big mistake people make is to think she is a regular girl and then proceed to treat her like one, she is not, she is abnormal, she is an untouched relic, a rare painting created by the best artist to exist, a one time ticket to show your worth with no time limit, a lighting strike that barley misses you by 5 feet. She is one in infinity...
Guy:”did you tend the horses for the night?”
Sarah:”yes I did, I’d never forget something I hold very dear to me”
by MonkeyLove223 June 25, 2019
This is what happens to a girl who posts naked or sleazy pictures of herself on the internet. Origin: Think Before You Post advertisment produced by the Ad Council.

Alt. when someone makes a face-to-face comment to someone who has dirty pictures of herself posted on the internet.
Yo, did you get texed with Jimmy's X-girl's hot pix? He totally Sarahed her.

"Hey, Sarah, what color underware today?"

"Hey, Sarah, when are you going to post something new?"

Hey, Julie, did you see someone posted a picture of you doing nasty things on Jeff's blog - you're so sarahed!
by Ricardovitz July 7, 2009
Possibly the cutest girl you will ever meet. Sarah has an effect on you which makes you fall in love with her. You will most likely feel symptoms such as: heart pounding; head racing; palms sweating; slurred speech; slight trouble breathing and strong urge to hug her. This last symptom will most likely be cause due to the teddy bear factor she has. Warning: Once the hugging as occurred, it is possible you will never be able to get over her.
Person A: "why do you seem so star struck?"
Person B: "so.. what?"
Person A: "oh no.. you must have met Sarah"
by Dobby<3 November 28, 2011
Usually a loud, chatty girl who is full of wit. She is never selfish and thinks of others constantly. She is a beautiful and intelligent girl with hidden talents. She's fun to be around, and although she may not know it, everyone loves her personality. She is constantly happy and optimistic unless something emotionally or mentally crushing happens. She's a very romantic and her love means a lot. A very confident person and gives great advice. Sarah is a true friend.
by authenticdude1 June 14, 2010
Sarah is shyand artsy. She’s so beautiful that people judge her for it. She picks the weirdest friends. They love her and are a bit overprotective. She has a special sibling bond and she doesn’t realize it. Sarah is sweet, beautiful, shy, kind, smart and so much more. People want to her and are jealous of her talents. If you meet you a Sarah, DON’T EVER let her out of your life.
Val: Did you see Sarah’s art?

Abi: Ya, I might pay her to draw something for me. She’s so good!
by JayneCobb March 27, 2019
She is the epitome of beauty. Her smile is like no other, melts my heart every time. Every time i see her she can't help but shine. So smart and so sweet and undoubtedly loyal. Her personality and passion for life are so evident; she lights up every room. Her love for her family and Christ are always unmatched. Though she wears all black she has a heart of gold. Met countless others before you but no one else compares. A perfect 10, you've had me since day one. I could give you the world and still you deserve more. Hope you know how special you are. My only dream come true is to make you all mine!!!
To my everything- Sarah
by Some_Old_Guyy December 31, 2020