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The Sandman, is a revengeful maneuver typically preformed after being lured and misled back to a bitch's house with the promises of a good hard fuckin. Only to come to the realization that you ain't gettin your dick wet this night. Properly performed when you continue on with her charade, leading her into a false sense of security and acting as if you are fully understanding of her not wanting to put out. Allowing her to drift peacefully to sleep so you can quickly but silently crank dat soulja boy into her closed eyes. With a good long nights rest this will crust her eyes shut, in the morning resembling a harsh visit from the "Sandman."
The Sandman: "You bang out that fine piece of ass last night?!" "Naw, that bitch didn't give it up so i sandmanned that hoe."
by bROMAD November 11, 2009
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When one is so intoxicated that during intercourse he passes out on the female, thus resulting in suffocation and ultimatley death. And then the following morning he mungs her dead ass.
Police Officer #1: Oh my god what happened to this poor girl, I have never seen something this bad before.
Police Officer #2: Yeah, I saw this last week, the crackheads call it "The Sandman"
by Joe Bosco December 07, 2008
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The act of filling a condom up with sand, and then lodging it in the anal canal of a sleeping person.
As a child I never truly understood why I was scared of the sandman until I was the first to fall asleep at my gay friends birthday party.
by Logan412 September 20, 2016
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