The act of filling ones gaping anus with cocaine and then crouching above someone's open mouth and farting
"Dude Jordan gave me the best Saltshaker last night"
"Oh man I love The Saltshaker but it's so hard to get cocaine"
"Yeah we used icing sugar instead"
by ItalicHail July 14, 2017
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A white male that performs coitus with any, and all females that they can get their hands on. Someone who has no shame in their game, and has plenty of game for those they shame.
Charlie Sheen is a saltshaker.
by snakeyes222 May 12, 2011
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when a girl or boy shakes their butt so fast.I looks like a saltshaker
wo shawty shakin that thang like a saltshaker
by amia March 19, 2005
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When you shave your pubes and put them on somebody's face -- whether they're sleeping or not.
I got wasted last night and when I woke up, John was giving me an Arabian Saltshaker
by Scotty-boy February 28, 2008
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Carl C.'s //fish-y\\ so called song. Carl is known in SPS c/o 2004! REPRESENT! ! ! for doing the SALTSHAKER dance . . . he was the ferst to noe about the dance in the whole school and probably the whole city. . . now enough of SALTSHAKER . . . TIME TO NOE CARL! ! !. . . he is from Herk-town 510! NOE HIM NOW!
Shake it like a Saltshaker! - Ying Yang Twins feat. Lil' Jon
by Carl March 19, 2004
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Someone who's so salty they could fill up a salt shaker.
(*Sam is salty*)
Hey look everyone look, it's SALTSHAKER Sam, he's salty.
by Bronzedale23 April 26, 2017
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