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Describes the dangerous and mysterious line that connects Tampa, FL - Miami, FL and San Juan, Puerto Rico. The spear also creates the bottom side of The Bermuda Triangle (aka The Devil's Triangle). For decades the Salazarian Spear has notoriously been associated with the vanishing of wildlife animals such as the baby hippo, the baby rhino, the starfish, whale sharks and fuzzy sand dollars. Much like the stories of the Bermuda Triangle, popular culture has attributed these disappearances to the paranormal or activity by extraterrestrial beings. But further field studies have shown that the Salazarian Spear is strikingly similar to the migrational patterns of the Box Shark. Recent evidence has shown that schools of Box Sharks have been seen following drifting lettuce as far south as the Caribbean Islands, thus supporting the strange connection to the Box Shark and the Salazarian Spear.
Hey Fausto.. Ernesto, did you guys see today's front page headline?! "Flight 305 from Tampa to San Juan, Disappears Carrying Local Cheerleading Team. Scientist Blame The Salazarian Spear."
by Jungle Junky January 11, 2011
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