At the climax of a German or Austrian death/black metal concert, this is the act in which the headlining band torches the entire front row of spectators with a flamethrower. These are the steps:

1.) Lead vocalist lets out a blood scream 'Sacrifice!' (The front row goes crazy, they are ready to meet Satan).

2.) He burns the front row alive with a flamethrower

3.) They continue the show
Vocalist: "The Sacrifice!"

Fan: "Yes dude! I'm so pumped to get fuckin killed! Cannibal Corpse kills without mercy!"

Vocalist: "AHHHHHHHHHHHH (shooting flames)"
by agm13 April 11, 2011
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The sacrifice is a method of revenge and should only be used when all people involved in seeking revenge agree the victim should be sacrificed. When a guy or girl does something to make you mad, then you can sacrifice them. Essentially, you talk the guy or girl into hooking up in their parent's room while their parents are out to a movie or dinner. Then once you're in the parent's bedroom, you handcuff the guy or girl to the bed and start turning then on. The person seeking revenge should keep going down on the guy or girl until they're just about to cum and then get up and walk away, leaving the person hand cuffed to their parent's bed naked and unable to hide. If the victim is a guy, he'll have a mean case of blue balls, and if it's a girl, her parents will have a lovely view of her all wet and wild on their bed. In either case, the person will be unable to finish the job you started on their own while handcuffed, and unable to hide before their parents return home eager to go to bed. Leave the key somewhere out of reach of the person so that their parent's can uncuff them later.
to clarify, here is a detailed example... This guy, let's call him Joe, cheated on my best friend. So, to get back at him I started hitting on him all the time and he eventually invited me over to fool around while his parents were out. I brought hand cuffs and talked him into letting me cuff him to his parent's bed, I convinced him that I'm into hand cuffs and stuff like that. Then I started giving him head and when I could tell he was getting close, I stopped and got up. I told him that I thought he was an ass hole for hurting my friend and waived the key to the cuffs infront of his face and placed it on the coffee table acrossed the room and left the door wide open on my way out of the house. he told his friends the next day that his dad flipped out when his mom and him walked on their son hand cuffed and naked to their bed with a huge boner.

this is called "the sacrifice" because it's similiar to when a tribe ties an animal or person to a pole as a sacrfice to some wild animal or god that will come and eat him later.
by MentorCards06 June 13, 2006
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The act of giving up ones own happiness for the sake of others who may or may not be worth it or appreciate it, often the latter. Those who are ignorant of true love and are selfish, often exhibit negative emotions such as jealousy, envy, revenge, hate, anger, resentment and cannot see the sacrifice/s one has made. Those who make sacrifices usually love intensely and unconditionally and are very forgiving. They seek to understand and are considerate of others first and will do everything to show those who might also be their worst enemies, that they love them no matter what and that they have forgiven them in the hope of maintaining a close relationship with them often sacrificing the happiness they shared with someone else by giving that person up and letting that person go. While commendable and admirable, sacrifice can lead to self destruction as one is neglecting him/herself causing inner conflict which can lead to trauma exhibited by confusing, strange, irritable, ill-tempered, rebellious behavior. Sacrifice does not work to change the mass, particularly those who are selfish and controlling. One should aim for balance and compromise in ones life and in their relationships and demand mutual respect always.
Ya oustez (Sir/Teacher): I can never be with you again, I made a mistake.
Ana: I understand the sacrifice you must make and respect your decision. I love you and wish you only happiness, peace, love and success in your life.

Ya oustez calls Ana a few times, is nice, is not nice, is strange, is confused and is confusing her.

Ana calls him but is made to feel like she is bothering him.

Ana: Your being confused continues to confuse and hurt me. I will never bother you again.
by Goddess12* December 11, 2013
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Sacrifice: to give up something you would never think about giving up.
"ill "Sacrifice" my life for all of these people."
by HannahTheMoose May 31, 2017
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1)giving up or forfeiting something valuable for the sake of another value.

The iraqs' made a sacrafice for the good of their religion in 911.

I will sacrifice $100 if you eat that spider!
by man with the flow January 27, 2006
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when the gods say yeet the child and you go with it
Guy 1(an idiot): please don't yeet my child he's my only son
Guy 2 : sacrifices must be made
by 99coronasonawall March 17, 2020
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An excuse people have used for thousands of years as a way to mask their violent nature
victim: Why are you killing me?
mayan: We're using you as sacrifice for the gods.
by Dubiks December 30, 2019
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