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Unidentified killer. Murders were commited 1976-1987. One victim was working at Denny's when this person stabbed her 7 times in the kitchen. Her name was Tesa Williams, she died of heart failure after being stabbed. She claimed that the killer was 5"7 and was wearing a black mask with blood all over. Police searched downtown in Sacremento and then searched a Casino finding a couple dead. And seeing a note repeating "Kill". Authorities claimed this was the Killer as well. In 1989 August 2nd, An officer named James Cfredt was found hung on a clothing hook and a throat slit. No more murders occured in Sacremento after October 21st 1989. Detective Ranford found human remains in the woods with a picture of a unfamiliar person. Clients claiming it was the killer. The man was never identified and maybe he's out there today in 2018.
by Iwritescarystories189 May 29, 2018
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