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a group of cool kids with two leaders, Scrandar, and Kyrone, in which every member has a cool nickname!
The SQUAD is cool!
by John lollipop January 21, 2015
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A selective group of the best people on earth. These 6 young adults have studiously studied the Bro Code for years and have the the chilliest personalities known to the Great Buckeye State. They go on bodacious adventures resulting in wrecking BMWs, selling banned candy bars for profit in schools, getting lost in intense rain storms and even help create a huge ️Soccer tournament(RC Cup). Most members have a un satisfied appetite that requires them to buy mass quantities of food. If u see 4 caucasions, one black guy and a Filipino you know you have seen the squad.
P.S: There is one group member who is whipped
I mean " whipped cream " whipped
Person 1: Who the hell are they and why are they eating all food in sight.
Person 2: Ohh, that's The Squad. They f*** s*** up.
by I like pickles April 11, 2015
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the annoying people that plauge our universe
~Ana McGee
~Mary Money
~Emma Welldon
~Kelly (whatever)
~Ally Ho-ward
~Cathy Horne
~Natilie PLumer
~Soinia Kick-airie
~Hannah Sonwden
the squad makes me twitch, especially Mary and Emma. Won't they ever learn!?
by smarter October 30, 2003
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