The greatest wrestler of all time. He has legendary eyebrows, and charisma as big as the President. (see Donald Trump)
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by SprinklesTheUnicorn March 22, 2017
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When out in the wilderness, "the rock" can release hormones when in sight... ;)
Wow, I feel so uplifted, the rock was there... lifted me up like a parcel. I am going to leave my husband, for the rock is a bear compared to him.
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by shrimpthepimp March 18, 2021
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Another name for Newfoundland mostly used by newfies.
Non Newfie: Where are you from?
Newfie: Iā€™m from the rock bhy!
Non Newfie: the rock?
Newfie: Newfoundland you dip shit.
by Newfie and proud May 13, 2019
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The Rock is a term, used by the Manx locals, in the tiny, Celtic island country the Isle of Man (aka Mann, Isle of Mann, Island of Mannanin or Ellan Vannin) to refer to the island. It is such a small country in the middle of the Irish Sea that it's fondly referred to as the rock, in reference to it's size.
It is not a term known well world wide, except to Manx ex-pats or fans of the annual biker festival and TT Races.


Dwayne Johnson, a movie star and wrestler in the American WWE is also known as The Rock as his wrestling persona. Also well known for his famous eyebrow-raise.
Hello yessir! Heard you'd been on holiday. When did you get back to the rock?
Hey, you can raise your eyebrow just like The Rock does.
by Aye Yessir! June 29, 2018
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