unbelieving, untrusting someone's prE-diction.
damn, that dude found out his girl was fuckin some other dude. We tried to tell him, but he went all therock on us.
by BonZy October 23, 2007
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A pro wrestler commonly known as rocky or the people's champ,he is the most electrifying man in sports entertainment .has won several titles in the wwe .well known for having formed the rock n sock connection with mankind.has recently turned his back to the wwe to become an actor,has worked in hit movies like the scorpion king ,the rundown and the walking tall .
if you smeeelllll what the rock is cooking .
by van 007 May 26, 2005
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(N.) A Hollywood actor who on rare occasions moonlights as a Wrestler on the WWe. He's like other WWe superstars such as JBL John Bradshaw Layfield who's a Politcal Analyst/Wrestler, Stacy Kiebler who's a Schoolteacher/NFL Cheerleader/Wrestling diva, John Cena who's a Horrible, Terrible Wigger-Rapper/Wrestler, and Kane, who's a Children's Party Clown/Wrestler.
The Rock is the 2014 Governor of Florida. California then will be governed by Justin Timberlake, who'll still be upset with President Spears and Vice President Jessica Simpson.
by G-Union May 25, 2004
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A secret spot where you and your friends hide out so that the friends you don't like don't come too.
My friends and I escaped Julie and went to The Rock
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by mimi4433 February 10, 2019
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They most electrifying person in sports entertainment. Has won several WWE titles such as the WWE championship, World Heavyweight championship and WWF Tag Team championship. He is consider one of the all time great ones. His famous cathprases consist of the well known Poontang Pie to the 'Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?'.
The Rock: "You there, what's your name?"
Person:" My name is Badass B-"
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by CanYouSmellIt3:16 June 15, 2017
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