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The common name given to Samara Morgan from "The Ring", the American remake of the Japanese film/novel "Ringu." People call her this when they can't remember her name, which is stupid because the very people who call her that then proceed to say: "Oh, she is sooo scary! I love her! I didn't get ANY sleep after that movie!" If she had really had that effect on them, then how come they couldn't remember her name?

(Variations include "that girl from The Ring," "Sahara," "the Grudge girl," and "Sadako.")
-at a cosplay convention-

Random Person: Oh, hey! You're, uhh... the Ring girl, right?
Samara Cosplayer: Yeah...
Random Person: Oh, I loved that movie! What was her name again?
Samara Cosplayer: ... you don't know?
Random Person: No. Do you?
Samara Cosplayer: ... Yeah, it's Samara...
Random Person: Samara! Yeah! That's right! And she crawled through the TV and... *walks away*
Samara Cosplayer: ...
by Watashi Wo Korosu Kudasai October 30, 2009
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