Incredible album put together by the dirty south's sickest lyricest, Ludacris. Fuck that T.I. King of the South talk. Ludacris's 4th album off Def JAm/DTP
1 Intro
2 Number One Spot- An incre
3 Get Back
4 Put Your Money
5 Blueberry Yum Yum
6 Child Of The Night
7 The Potion
8 Too Much
9 Spur Of The Moment
10 Who Not Me
11 Large Amounts
12 Pimpin' All Over The World
13 Two Miles An Hour
14 Hopeless
15 Virgo

Here's a list of shitty rappers that many people regard to be better than Ludacris but are wrong:
Chingy- Faggot who should die for helping to ruin rap with his candy ass garbage.

Nelly- Another one who sucks dick, but, I give him props for trying new shit.

Cassidy- MAkes shitty girly joints like ''Hotel'', and ''Get No Better'' then expects people to take''I'm a Hustler''(His new shitty single look out for that) seriously.

Baby/Anyone on Ca$h Money- Stupid ass muthafuckas who also did a number on rap with their gimmicky asses with shit like ''Bling Bling'' A quer ass term that a bunch of stupid ass Suburban Old women think is funny, along with stupid other white people

Thank God for Ludacris
by Oscar January 4, 2005
A Red Light District is a place where prostitution is common. The phrase was based in the Bible where Rahab, a prostitute in Jericho, aided Joshua's spies with a red light.

Interestingly enough, the Japanese word "akasen" (red-line district) is of equal meaning to a red-light district.
Guy 1: Hey, have you ever visited Kabukicho (Japan), Patpong (Thailand), Wanchai (Hong Kong), Sunset Boulevard (California {Hollywood}) and Venus Valley (Montana)? I sure did for the last couple of years, and all were awesome!

Guy 2: Well.. all of the cities you've visited.. they are all red-light districts. I'm sure you had a real "good" time there.
by Welp August 1, 2004
A Red Light District is a section of town usually devoted to prostitution or other illegal/immoral behavior. Red Light Districts are usually found in larger cities, although some smaller towns might as well be Red Light Districts because the prostitution is so heavy anyway.
Hell no, I won't date her! If I was that desprate, I'd go to a red light district and pick up a dirty whore!
by Adam Korman January 19, 2004
A run-down part of a town or city that is frequented by thugs and hoodlums. Best known for being the centre of the prostitution industry.
by Gumba Gumba February 23, 2004
Historically, red light cast by a coloured glass lantern or lamp, was discovered by ancient Egyptians and Romans, to enhance the appearance of human skin complexion. A red light source will cause skin blemishes, freckles, blood vessels, rashes, bruising etc to disappear. Giving the skin a pure and more unblemished appearance.
The ancient prostitution industry soon took advantage of this business boosting optical illusion, installing red lamps in their working environments. As organised brothells developed, paying customers could more readily identify a working girl by the red lamp glow emitted from her window.
As brothell owners and prostitution demands became demographically focused because of common demand, eg areas of high trade, business premises became more concentrated and known as red light districts.
by Dizzy FPV March 3, 2018
a place to go to find porn, hookers, renters, johns etc
by berty June 4, 2003