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1. One who drinks an excessive amount of alcohol and then fights with friend(s) that banged his brother
2. One who partys like a bitch
3. One who can be easily convinced to run home after a party no matter what the distance is
4. One who texts compulsively
5. One who fails at hooking up with a dime, and then returns to texting dem easy freshmen and sophmore girls which will keep occuring until the age of 30 when he comes to terms with his gay side and becomes infatuated with da dick
6. Beats a few scrubs in beerpong until he loses to the Dream Team of the M&M boys A.K.A Mark and Mike
7. One who undoubtably has the nickname of "the icon"
1. "I can't wait to see the real swoozie tonight so i can laugh at him."
2. "Man, did you see the real swoozie get killed by the Dream Team last night in beerpong. They're really good."
by afro thunda January 14, 2008
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