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Evil bitch that will sit you by her, torment you with her souless eyes, and when she's done taking away your happiness, put you in a corner in which you will never see another classmates eyes or hear the laughter of happy children. Often her room is referred to as "The Rape Dungeon" due to the fact it is secluded from the rest of the school and has no visible windows to look in on. Stay as far away from this woman as possible!!! She will find you, she will hunt you down, and she will kill you. Physical description is as followed: Dykish haircut, evil gap between front teeth that seems to suck you in, soulless pale blue eyes, saggy bottom, and heaving angry chest.
evilmiseryrapetorturesadnessThe Rape Witch
by valleydyke96 August 19, 2012
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