A sex move where you bonk the shit out of either a journalist, to get a praising article written about your creation, or a judge in a contest, to win said competition.
My video game wasn't doing that well, but ever since I did the Quinn with that guy from Kotaku, I got all the exposure I need.
by Faggy McFaggerson September 02, 2014
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The hottest piece of man-meat ever to exist. An intellect sharp as a knife, and a wit to match. Quinn's generally are always right, which bothers people, but Quinn then gently explains why it's okay that he's right, which calms them down. Women are naturally attracted to Quinn's, mainly because of their swimmer bodies, which consist of rocking abs, massive biceps, calves of iron, steel triceps, etc. People are jealous of Quinn's, because they are very fun to drink with, and an absolute god in bed. Easily described as bisexy, Quinn's have tight buns, and chiseled features that could score glass. Most usually half asian. Quinn's are friends with all the beautiful, gorgeous, popular, movie-star-type people. In fact, a Quinn began that clique. The sun shines out of Quinn's anus, and makes everyone smile when Quinn walks by. Quinn is always more successful then everyone else in everything. It has been said that everything that has ever happened in history has been either the result of a Quinn, or happened to produce a Quinn. Getting a Quinn for a friend is the best thing that could happen to anyone, a Quinn will light up the dark, will make the ordinary extraordinary, make the plain magnificent. In Quinn's hands you will find trust and comfort, happiness, and joy. Everyone trusts Quinn, and in turn Quinn will always be trustworth. A Quinn is an aesthetically pleasing addition to any room, and brings a unique pleasing aroma into the room, not unlike a basket of roses after a mid-days shower. THE most amazing guy you will EVER meet.

Hot Girl's (Non-gay) Man Friend: Yes he is, he is totally a Quinn.
by AllWomenEverywhere July 16, 2009
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Quinn is the sassiest girl in the world, but the kind of sass that warms your heart. Lady Quinn's are typically hilarious and nobody else is as funny as them because they have great material that cannot be beat. They can be indecisive and quiet but they are still v awesome. They are some of the nicest and most caring people you will ever meet. They also like animals a lot. Specifically dogs and exotics. exotics as in Sloths.
by yamsareyummy April 28, 2014
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To fall over or collapse so that a person or an object remains motionless for a prolonged period of time.
Oh man I was sitting on the ping pong table and it quinned.

I was so drunk I just quinned on the floor for the night.

I got hit so hard I quinned and didn't get up for 10 minutes.

I wanted to Quinn so hard but I couldn't get my shoes off.
by El Amigo de Quinn October 09, 2009
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Quinn is one of the closest things to perfect you will ever see. He's funny, well-liked, talented, intelligent, and seeing his smile for just a split second makes you want to smile for the remainder of the day. Some of the best things about him include the fact that he's very intelligent, but that doesn't stop him from cracking some hilarious jokes. He's not cocky or arrogant even though he's amazing at almost everything and literally seems to have all the reasons in the world to be cocky. He's real. He acknowledges the fact that he's great at a lot of things but he doesn't overly boast about it and he also doesn't downplay his achievements. Quinn's personality is balanced. If there was such thing as perfection, Quinn would be the definition. However, there is one thing I don't like about him. He probably doesn't talk about me the way I talk about him. He probably doesn't talk about me at all. Not that there's much to talk about.
Person: "So, why do you like Quinn?"
Me: "I like him because everything he says, everything he does, and everything he is makes me smile. I know he doesn't mean to make me smile, he probably doesn't even know he does... but that on top of his overall existence draws me to him."
by shacklebooboo December 12, 2018
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A name given to either a boy or a girl. In this case, a boy. A Quinn is a very weird and loud guy. He is the life of the party, the guy you go to when in desperate need of laughter or to smile. No matter how mad or sad you are, Quinn can help. He's lovable, funny, and has a contagious smile. He brings happiness to any room. But just because Quinn always seems happy, doesn't mean he is. He is also very annoying. A Quinn can annoy almost everyone at any time. He will go at all lengths to prove he's right. You can hate a Quinn. But most people love him. He is friendly with the ladies, but trusts none but 1-2 of them. Although you'll never tell a Quinn, they're almost always attractive. He either has brown or black hair, with blue or brown eyes. He can be very cocky, rude and annoying, but he overall has a good heart.
Andy: Who's that dude?
Cindy: The one around the girls? Ugh *rolls eyes* that's Quinn. He's trouble.
Andy: Really? He seems like a dick.
Mandy: No he's not! Quinn is awesome, you guys are so mean.
Josh: Yeah guys, Quinn's cool.
Cindy: *rolls eyes* Yeah, Quinn'll be cool when my Grandma says "turn up". So, like, never.
by wouldntyouliketoknow13 January 02, 2014
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A girl that is different from anyone else you'll ever meet, but in a good way. She might have had a tough past or a traumatic experience, but that only makes her easier to talk to and get along with. She's pretty and outgoing, but not a whore. She tries to please everyone at once, and that can sometimes get her in over her head of get her hurt.
Yeah. She's a typical Quinn.
by comatose14678 April 28, 2011
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