A gift birthed straight from the asshole of God. The Quan is a holy device which is commonly used to reach a higher plane of consciousness by achieving a buzz greater than no other. The name Quan was first popularized by the Peagans and is used by these creatures to this day.
You got The Quan ?
Pass me the fucking Quan!
by shitstacey February 19, 2019
Quane, pronounced "qwayne", is like queen but taken to the next level. Basic bitches think they're queens but the QUANE is the alpha. He/she is the omega. No one is better and no one does it better. The quane can't and won't be topped.
Person A: "Daaaamn did you see how Beyonce dropped that discography in the middle of the night without any promotion but still sold more than all these other female artists??"

Person B: "Yea that shit was crazy! She da quane for sure'

One up for the quanes in our lives!
by schmo13 December 23, 2013
To be chilled, laid back, or even hyper. To be in a good mood.
A: Why is Kyle so happy?
B: He's Quaning Fool!
by DERKBIZE June 15, 2009
(Noun) An object that requires packing before one can smoke flower. Specifically, a noun used in place of saying VaporGenie, pipe, or bong.
by Overlymoist May 4, 2021