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When a girl wants to have a foursome with 3 guys, but she can't decide who to pleasure first. The 3 guys then proceed to stand up next to each other. The girl gets on her knees, then gives the middle man a blowjob, while she jacks off the other two. The in and out motion of her head and arms resemble a pteradactyl.
Tom: Jenny gave the pterodactyl to those 3 guys at the party!

Don: Slut.
by BAD COBRA July 20, 2006
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during sex when the chick is on her back spread eagle and the guy is on top, then right before the climax the guy grabs the sheets and flaps his arms while giving a loud pterodactyl shreek.
yo last night when i was banging my girlfriend i did the pterodactyl and she loved it.

by mohhbdohp September 01, 2006
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Background: Snoop's song "step yo game up" the end it was a little confusing to figure out what he was saying.
Mike convinced Jessica that it is a sex position.
Definition: When a girl is on her back with her legs spread open like a pterodactyl and the guy is fucking her with his backside facing her and as they are fucking her legs flap like a pterodactyl. It ads more force and depth to the penetration. Screeching is optional..but recommended.
damn...fuck kamasutra..try the pterodactyl
by fuck me sideways mike ;) April 21, 2005
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From the missionary position, about to cum a man pulls out and pins the women's arms down with his knees then sprays her face with cum. Her thrashing head and pinned arms resemble a pterodactyl in flight. Her screams add to the effect.
Jen was a real dead fish last night so I gave her the pterodactyl to wake her ass up.
by King Bong Carlos July 16, 2009
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