Placing both hand together in a praying formation then inserting them both it to the vigina. Advanced methoods include alternating hands back and forth, twisting at the sholders and praying to the ass.
Tyler likes to say his prayers before he lays the meat.
by Jimboozie October 30, 2003
The same thing as the 1-4 except you put both of your hands together and insert them!
Man last night...damn i was givin her the prayer!
by 007 March 14, 2003
Although not promoted by public schools, it is the most popular study technique of high school students, typically used minutes before a test.
Please, please let me pass this test...
by Channing January 3, 2005
A form of birth control, though highly ineffective.
Prayer: Please, please God, don't let me get pregnant. Oh Jesus, please let my period show up on time.
by iplant September 16, 2005
a technique practiced moments before u r gonna be in deep shit
oh shit the condom broke.. better start with a quick prayer!!
by dot dot dot... September 17, 2005
To do nothing and still think you're helping.
Me: Man, I really need to pass this test tomorrow. Can you help me out?
Religious moron: Sure, I'll pray for you.
Me: Why not just help me study? That would actually help.
Religious moron: I'm positive that the grace of God will help you pass the test.
Me: I think God is too busy with everything else in the universe to help me pass a test.
Religious moron: I'll give him a prayer anyway
Me: Why do I hang with you?
by Tonio31 August 24, 2007
(n). Best known placebo known to mankind.
Little Billy was dying of cancer, so he prayed that God and Jesus would let him live. He died two months later possessing strong, but ultimately useless, hope. Not surprisingly, his prayer was in vain.
by A-Bag 777 August 13, 2012