Crazy Uncle Johnny: You wanna IPA?

Weird Uncle Travis: Sure, you got The Poon?
by Mister Webster January 23, 2008
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A vagina. A poontang. A beef curtain. A cunt. A twat.
You put the peen peen in the poon poon.
by Junkrocka May 12, 2008
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Jamaican slang for the female <nsfw> area.
Guurl let me get inside that poon poon!
by ShotzFlared January 19, 2017
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An exclimation made by a man who is certain that he is about to recieve some kind of intercourse, be it a cheeky blowy or full on balls deep poon pounding.

The words are usually said with assonance of 'choo choo' (like a train') and the arm movement commonly seen when a train driver is honking a horn
Danny: that nasty bitch Jenny is gonna feel my balls slap on her gooch. Poon poon!
by sbccrew October 20, 2009
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1)A female's genital organ (vagina)

2)A slang term for wimp, often used by teenage males who want to boost their masculinity
1)I fucked Kara last night. She's got a tight poon.

2)Alex: We probably shouldn't go rock climbing. It could be dangerous
Nick: Dude, it's fine. Don't be such a poon!
by Yours Truly June 22, 2004
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The act of seeking out fat girls to hook up with. It is derived from the word harpoon which was used to hunt whales.
You like big girls? Me too! Lets go pooning together!
by SamuelDexterity October 29, 2014
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