1. The best of the best.
2. When something/someone is extremely cool.
3. A synonym and less foul-mouthed way to say The Shit.
Winnie is The Pooh!
by Pooh Bear3 June 22, 2009
A fresh batch of shity pooh!
Mother, I just took a pooh pohh, want to see?
by Mic August 6, 2004
Is like a bestfriend on another level. It’s kinda also like a friends with benefits type thing where y’all are close to dating but aren’t necessarily there yet.
“ that’s my Pooh right there.we always vibin

“ I was texting my Pooh last night he said he wanna smash
by Cinniriah May 26, 2019
Not A Boo, Nor A Boyfriend
In-Between Both ;Someone You Are Sexually Active With But Not A Friend With Benefit Kinda Thing..Someone You Can Be In Love With But They Could Not Be Ready For Committed Relationship
I Was With My Pooh Yesterday

I Love My Pooh

I Miss You, But Im Still Seeing My Pooh

Im Single ButIm Not Alone Pooh
by MadameMichelle December 9, 2010
Just a word people use to say like Thankyou or hi it’s just like the word boot
Them:Happy birthday

Me:thanks pooh😘

Them:awe you look so cute today

Me:thanks Pooh 🤪‼️
by Thatfyedictionary April 13, 2018
A boyfriend or baby daddy that you love a lot
I love you pooh💖🤞🏽
by Bbysosa April 23, 2019
A pleasant fictional bear that manages to have all sorts of interesting adventures. His posse includes:

a young boy,
a rather emo donkey,
a lisping tiger that bounces,
a small, insecure pig and
a rabbit and an owl
as well as others, such as a kangaroo.

Despite all of these interesting characters in his life, the poor thing could dearly use the help of spell check.

Come on..."hunny"? Pwease.

Think, think, think!!
Pooh sighed, exasperated. "Oh bother. I need hunny."
by madame phoenix November 5, 2009