Jill: I don't think we've had the pleasure...
Jack: Of course not... It's hard to forget....
by lukent January 23, 2009
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The feeling that you feel when someone scratches your back when it's itchy.
I feel so much pleasure when someone scratches my back.
by Jjj99 January 24, 2019
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Host: "Well, Mr. Armstrong, we finally got you on the show!"
Mr. Armstrong: "Yes, and I'm real pleasurated to be here, ha hah!"
by talk2me-JCH2 March 1, 2021
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It's meaning is similar to 'pleasuring'. Used by Willow Smith when she was being interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres on her show.
Singing is just so awesome. It is something that I do that is so pleasurous.
by whipmyhair2011 November 3, 2010
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when your wearing pants to small and get an erection and your dick constantly rubs against your underpants
and gives you a orgasm
pleasure is very nice and i want to share it with someone
by Fortniteporn.com January 22, 2020
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The act of doing something or getting something that gives you pleasure.
Thank you for getting my stuff, you're so pleasurable
by CooganmerINC June 24, 2017
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