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A group of bros who get together from 4-6 times a week. They meet in a small Pit area in a back yard away from civilization. The Pit area includes a in-ground fire pit, surround by trees 360 degrees. There is usually 4-15 members that show up at any given time. These members are the closest group of friends you will ever meet. The pit is always friendly and good vibes are felt the whole time. They they share stories, highdeas and come up with great munchie ideas. Activities include smoking weed, drinking, and having a good time with the bros.
"The Pit bros always know how to have a good time"

"I wish I was part of those bros who chill at the pit, it sounds super cool"

"He had a bag hangover this morning, must of been a pit gathering"
by The Pit Bros November 15, 2011
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