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A jazz, funk, rock group that use the process of improvisation, experimentation and inventiveness, The Phusion has been on a mission to play honest and meaningful music that can run the gamut of being deceptively accessible to technically eloquent. Their sound is on a constant journey where the question "why?" does not exist and the response "Why not" does. They realize that improvement is always necessary in order to go beyond mediocrity, even when revisions have already been made. The soundscape in which they frolic in, organically changes depending on the mood of the group and the influences that creep into their minds. The term "Genre" does not restrict their creative passion, nor does the concept of "Mainstream" intimidate them from producing music that is different. They may still be in Highscool, but their musical love is planted firmly in the ground. It would be their honour to allow you, the listener, to partake in this new euphonious journey.
Woah, what is that?! "The Phusion"

I need to listen to something different..."try The Phusion"
by One who searches June 21, 2010
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