1. Used to imitate the sound made by firing a gun; specifically a laser gun (esp. a Stormtrooper rifle).
by LaunchOverIt August 3, 2005
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When something is so terrible or cringe you have to make a gun sign , point it to your head and say pew pew pew motherfucker!
Bob: hey guys I just rolled a phat old spliff
*skinniest joint you’ve ever seen*
Katie: wtf pew pew pew
by Stoner_katie August 30, 2018
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1. Sound made by lasers, usually related to star wars.

2. Owning a person, usually related to world of warcraft
"wow those lasers sounded like pew pew on the surround sound"

"dude you just pew pew his ass down!"
by Aoshi May 29, 2006
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Two or more sound effects mimicing the sound of a gun firing, sometimes made in conjunction with turning your hand into a gun. These can be loud or soft, depending on the size of the gun in question.
I'm a cowboy! Pew-Pew!
by Steph Dybastion-Scott April 13, 2011
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A phrase said along with accompanying gesture (both hands pointing to each other miming rapid gunfire) after something extremely awkward has occurred. A more up-to-date version of the infamous awkward turtle.
Kevin: Dude, why is there chocolate all over my leg?
Charlie: Um, that's not chocolate...
Scott: PEW PEW!!!!!
by scubasteve90 July 10, 2010
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